Grilled cheese sandwich, cheese on toast, rarebit or the ubiquitous toasted special, doyen of many a tourist spot lunch menu, all have in common that golden unctuousness that only comes with well grilled cheese. It has been missing for so long from so many peoples diets because of beliefs or allergies they were bereft at ever finding a decent replacement for that most basic of sandwich fillings, but no longer do they have to suffer the unfairness of these draw backs when craving that soft golden creaminess. for the cavalry is here in the form of Little Green Leaf’s Original Recipe Dairy Free Vegan Plant based cheese, its here its now and its delicious.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese has made the cultural transition from our cousins across the pond to establish its self as a menu staple, to be thought of as one of those dishes that originated there. Of course its origins are Italian, but that’s a moot point in this discourse when in fact it has been a Scottish staple for as long as I can remember. They even make mac ‘n’ cheese pies in the land of Alba to this very day. The sumptuousness of a bubbling oven proof dish of that textured golden creaminess, when accompanied by garlic encrusted wedges of sourdough, truly is a sight and flavour to behold.


Pizza, well what can be said about it In the great scheme of things it has as many uses as a well worn swiss army knife…feed the kids, feed the adults (with cold beer is obligatory), feed those up first for breakfast…the list is endless. But oh if ever there was a sight to make a person want more its the sight of a freshly cooked Pizza, Calzone, whatever, oozing cheesy goodness from every edge, burning your chin from every tassled stretch of creamy mozzarella. I can smell and taste the aroma just writing about it!


Cauliflower Cheese, one of those dishes that your mother does that no one can ever seem to reproduce, because they are not your mother. Try as you may you can never seem to get it just so unless you stand by your mother’s side or listen to her (for once since your 14th birthday). One day you’ll be able to produce a reasonable facsimile.


Little Green Leaf has taken a long look at the conundrum facing folk who can’t or don’t feel the need to consume dairy, and as the only commercial Irish producer of dairy free vegan cheese, has came to the fore with a product that alleviates those dietary considerations. We wouldn’t dream of offering complex recipes, unless called for, as most folk have their own way of doing things with the dairy produce they so miss.


Rediscover the delight of cooking with cheese,
but 100% dairy free