Little Green Leaf of Cork have at the helm an award winning producer in Bob Christie. After a lifetime of of honing  his skills as a chef in kitchens round the world, he took up the challenge of providing  a versatile, flavoursome everyday staple that would appeal to a number of  dietary platforms, and has succeeded in doing so with a an incredible range of Cheeses for the Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy free & Gluten free communities. Even folk not part of these groups can enjoy our cheeses with as much relish as everyone else.


His produce has made people aware of the fact that there is space for a range of  well  flavoured artisan cheeses in today's very competitive market place. Using only the finest quality ingredients available, Bob has recreated some of the most popular dairy cheeses, without the dairy and reproduced them for those who choose or need this type of product. Even the packaging is totally plant based from sustainable sources and is compostable in 8 weeks.


These cheeses are a true artisan product in every sense of the word, and are the only such product currently made in Ireland. Already incredibly popular at artisan markets around the country  they are also available from independent health food stockists nationwide.


As Bob sees it this is just the beginning!

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The story behind Little Green Leaf dairy free cheeses